An easy way to track cryptocurrencies in portfolio and have best view to all coins on market


All data collected by API (Every 5 minutes an update is released)


To speed up the newest data, the program runs in the same update circle as Coinmarketcap

Auto reconnect

If something is wrong with your internet connection, auto reconnect as soon your connection is established again

Fiat Values

Support of 33+ Fiat currencies, source

Auto Update

Every hour check for a new version


You want to watch different fiat currencies, your "Buy Price" and "Alerts" are convert automatically


Build your individual coin portfolio

Set alert for every coin

Set up multiple portfolio

Switch between 3 views

Color changer


Click on a coin name to see chart

Click on "Profit" in headbar to switch Profit/Capital

GM = Global Market Cap

Edit Mode

On activation you can "Drag n Drop" your coins for a new arrangement

In "List" view set category columns in personal order

Set your "Amount, Buy Price and Alerts"

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